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Which winter safety gloves are right for you?

Which winter gloves?

With temperatures dropping and the rain coming more frequently you need work gloves that will protect you from both. But which ones will suit YOUR job best?

We try to answer that question for you here.

Ansell 78-101 Therm-A-Knit® Blue Thermal GlovesAnsell ActivArmr® 78-101 Blue Thermal Gloves

Ansell’s 78-101 thermal gloves are suited to general tasks in both indoor and outdoor cold temperatures. They provide light protection from mechanical risks, superior protection from the cold and are seamless and ambidextrous, providing comfort and versatility.

In addition, they can be worn as undergloves to protect against cold while more suitable gloves are worn for specific tasks.


Ansell ActivArmr® 97-011 Thermal GlovesAnsell ActivArmr® 97-011 Thermal Gloves

Suited to more demanding jobs, Ansell 78-011 gloves have a 3/4 nitrile coating to protect hands from direct wind, liquid and cold impact. This makes them ideal for working in cold storage, handling chilled or frozen products and outdoor construction work. A sandy nitrile finish to the palms and fingers provides extra grip too.

Finally, the black and hi vis orange contrasting colours provide extra visibility in low light conditions.


Ansell ActivArmr® 97-631 Cold Resistant Gloves

The main benefit of Ansell’s 97-631 cold resistant gloves is the superior dexterity, making them suitable for cold weather work where the ability to work with small tools and intricate machinery is a requirement. This could be construction, utilities or automotive repair, for example. They are even approved for use in the food industry.

The PVC coating ensures the gloves stay flexible even in very cold conditions.


Ansell ActivArmr® 97-681 Cold Resistant Gloves

Ansell’s 97-681s are fully waterproof cold resistant. The RIPEL™ technology they boast makes them perfectly suited to cold weather work where contact with liquids is going to happen – think the fishing, drilling and liquid processing industries, for example, as well as any outdoor work in extreme cold and rain. The gauntlet style ensures protection well past the wrist while the PVC foam coating retains flexibility right down to -25°C.


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