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PPE for DIY Projects

Prevent accidents with the right protection

Over 200,000 injuries are caused each year in DIY accidents - many of them preventable by the proper selection and use of personal protective equipment. This costs the NHS over £220m/year.

RoSPA Statistics

  • Accidents caused by power tools: 87,000*
  • Accidents caused by falling off ladders: 30,000*
  • Accidents caused by knives/scalpels: 20,000*
  • Accidents caused by screwdrivers: 3,500*

*Estimated / year

Don't become a statistic - choose and use the right PPE.

Hand Protection

TrueTouch GT2104 'Work Black' PU Coated Glove

When using hand tools like hammers, saws, sanders, knives, scalpels and even power tools it is important to wear gloves that provide cut and/or abrasion protection.

If you're decorating and handling paint and potentially hazardous chemicals then we recommend good quality disposable nitrile gloves.

Respiratory Protection

Any DIY work likely to create dust or involving the use of aerosols - such as drilling, sanding, cutting and painting - will require you to wear a dust mask.

Masks are available at various levels of protection (FFP1-FFP3) and should be chosen based on the level of exposure.

FFP1 provides the least amount of protection and is fine for drilling, cutting and light sanding, FFP2 will protect from heavy sanding and plastering, whilst FFP3 protection is the highest and protect you from high dust levels and solid and liquid aerosols.

3M 6000 Series Reusable Half Mask Size 6200(M)

For bigger or more long term DIY jobs disposable masks may not be cost effective. In this case we would suggest investing in a reusable half mask and filters, like the 3M 6000 Series.

Eye Protection

3M™ 2720 Safety GlassesProtecting your eyes when carrying out any DIY is vital. Whether sanding, drilling, cutting, using power tools or carrying out any work where there is potential for dust or flying bits of wood or metal, your eyes are in danger. Wearing good quality safety glasses or goggles is VITAL.

Other Protection

3M PPEDepending on the type and scale of the DIY project you're undertaking you may require further types of PPE, including foot and hearing protection. For jobs involving loud equipment, such as pneumatic drills, ear defenders are a must, whilst any type of building work will put feet at risk of dropped bricks or other heavy objects, requiring safety footwear.

PLEASE NOTE: These are suggested products only. You should always assess your required PPE and consult an expert if in doubt. Express Safety bears no responsibility for incorrect selection or use of PPE.

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