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New EN131 standard transition date for ladders approaching


When EN131 was introduced on 1st January 2018, replacing BS2037 and BS1129, businesses were given until 31st December 2018 to update their purchase policies to ensure that ONLY EN131 certified ladders were purchased. It should be noted that existing ladders in good condition do not need to be replaced.

The 31st December date is also a target transition date for the Ladder Association and reputable suppliers to supply EN131 compliant ladders only – which means any new ladders you now buy should conform to EN131 – and if they don’t, don’t buy them. In addition, no ladder can be CE marked – if you see ladders claiming to have CE certification you should highlight your concerns to the seller and to Trading Standards.

The key changes within EN131 to note are:

  • All ladders, whether professional or domestic, must have the same safe working load of 150kg
  • Extension ladders over 3 metres must have a wider base to reduce slips and increase stability
  • New cycle durability tests have been introduced to check product durability

Only ladders that met these requirements will have the EN131 certification and these are the only ladders you should purchase.

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